Avoid the “Intel Tax” with AMD EPYC™ Processors

You need this guide. Here's why:

We explain how the AMD EPYC™ System on Chip (SoC) gives you stunning performance against Intel Xeon at every competitive price point. We’ve brought choice back to the market with a straightforward stack so you are no longer forced to overspend and buy up the Intel Xeon stack to get capacity you may need.

Access this guide to see how you can now achieve your data center workload needs by choosing an AMD EPYC SoC and avoiding the “Intel Tax.”

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What’s inside this guide?

  1. Understand the value of building a workload optimized server
  2. See how AMD’s approach helps you optimize TCO
  3. Get an insight into the breakthrough performance offered by the AMD EPYC™ 7601 processor